Many people mistake Green Turtles as being the only sea turtle when there are actually several species of turtle that live in the sea. Green turtles, however, are the only herbivores of the sea turtle community. They’re found mainly in tropical and sub tropical waters but like other marine turtles, they migrate vast distances from the beaches where they are hatched to the feeding grounds in which they live. They are occasionally spotted dragging themselves onto secluded beaches to sunbathe.

There are many threats to the existence of these turtles including over harvesting of their eggs, the hunting of adults, being caught in “ghost” (abandoned) fisherman’s nets, and the loss of the beaches they use to lay their eggs.

Quick facts:

Common name: Green Turtle
Scientific name: Chelonia mydas
Stats: Green Turtles can grow up to 5 ft long
Interesting fact: Green Turtles are named after the green color of their fat.


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